Outlaw Recreation Club #1 - Cardfight Vanguard-

Hello, Rei Shirakawa reports some kind of recreation game today.


Cards, Chess, and Mah-jong


People have connected their hearts with each other through

playing the recreation game over a long period of history.



OK, let me explain what “Outlaw Recreation Club” is first.

Through playing recreation games, I or other Oultaw members

will try to find something new emotion, feeling, or something like that.


I do not deny that there exits my lonely sad desire that

I want to talk and develop an emotional connection with people.


The first memorable, I and “Mr. Amon N”, who plays Magic the Gathering

for the main and also the Outlaw Recruitment member, had played “Cardfight Vanguard”.


What is “Cardfight Vanguard” ?


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In a cardfight, you will make a deck (army) from your collection of cards, and using those cards you will fight your opponent. A vanguard is your avatar to lead your army. The card placed on the vanguard circle will become the vanguard. By stacking higher grade cards on the vanguard, it will become more powerful. With the aid of your army, defeat your opponent!!


Cited from Vanguard trial deck playbook



・able to make a deck cheaper than other card games

・easier to construct a deck

・”luck” is one of the most important factor to win

・many Ladies watch TV anime. So there are some lady players exist


You got the feeling? OK , now I tell a match report with Mr. Amon N.





Honestly, I had a sense of higher expectation towards

this competition than the workshop of the day.

(Because interpersonal match up was really long time that I always

play Vanguard on Nintendo 3DS “Lock on Victory” by myself.)


I joined Mr. Amon N in times shortly before the workshop.

Having a chat for a minute, and after a while,

we eventually draw our decks from our bags.

He started shuffling his cards by unique style with

fast speed and it overwhelmed me already.

I was like “ Oh gosh, this is serious card fighter…got scared of him…”


We set our first Vanguard on the field and said

“Stand up, Vanguard”

the match had begun.



To tell the results, he completely beat me.


◇First match

I couldn’t ride to Grade 2, so I did like nothing.

He just attacked with his Grade 3 Vanguard skill and beat me.


◇Second match

He got double critical trigger when my damage was 3,

and unfortunately I didn’t declare to guard, so I lost again.


blog 2


There were no close contest or grandstand finish. However,

My heart was fulfilled with fun emotion and there was no negative emotion like hate.


Though there is an urge to break the Nintendo 3DS

when I lose to the CPU in the Lock on Victory.




It might be because this was a people-to-people exchange.


Meeting Each others’ thinking and strategies,

Reacting nervously to each others’ card drawing

Saying thanks after we finished, talk about games with fun.


After having long time no friend life, I felt in my devastated heart that

something warm was coming back, by playing Vanguard.


There is a variety of entertainment games in this world.

In history pile up, people might have tried to connect, understand,

and had communion with each others, like me this time.




Lost inclination, lost love.

Walking on dark desert where gale blows to cut my skin to make my blood to bleed.

Through playing entertainment games,

the dark man could make to get to the friendly world full of light or not.




Outlaw Recreation Club, is also called “Dark Recreation Club”

This is a dark documentary which was born from the shadow abyss.



Next, “Magic the Gathering”

See you next time.



My special thanks to Mr. Amon N.


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